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Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct outlines ethical behavioral standards for employees of CF&S Estonia. The Code of Conduct applies for each employee in our organization.

We conduct our operations with honesty, integrity, and openness, and with respect for the human rights and interests of our employees.

We follow the legislative requirements and laws and require this also from our business partners.


Human rights – our company is dedicated to protecting human rights; our employees are free to associate and collectively bargain.
Fair employment – in our recruiting, retention, promotion, and other activities we respect the rights of every individual and follow the employment and labor laws.
No harassment – we do not engage, support, or allow any form of harassment or abuse in the workplace.
No discrimination – we threat all our employees equally irrespective of their race, religion, beliefs, gender, marital or parental status, age, political affiliation, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, or any other basis.
Following of legislation –we do not use forced, compulsory, or child labor. We do not cooperate with those that condone such activities.
Safe workplace – we provide a safe, healthy, and fair working environment.


Intellectual property – every employee is obliged to safeguard our intellectual property like business plans, customer lists, databases.
Confidentiality – our activities are dependent upon co-operation, mutual trust, and respect between our business partners; our employees shall keep confidential all sensitive information gathered from business partners.

Honesty & Accuracy – we are honest, complete, and accurate in our accounting, communications, and decision-making.
Anti-corruption– we follow our Group’s anti-corruption policy.
Compliance with laws – we follow all applicable laws and regulations in our business and update this information in regular basis.
Conflict of interest – we act in the best interest of our Company, and we avoid any activity at work or at home that might hurt the reputation of our Company.


Open communication – we keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent.
Commitment fulfillment – our co-operation is based on mutual trust and respect.
Confidentiality of business information – we safeguard our partners information including confidential and proprietary information and personal data.


Environmental impact – we are continuously seeking to prevent pollution and reduce the environmental impact of our services and we expect the same from our business partners.
Meeting the legislative requirements – we are committed to compliance with all applicable environmental laws and regulations.

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