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Customs Agency

CF&S Estonia supports its customers with complete customs agency services. We assist you with all relevant conventions in the European Union’s (EU) custom zones and its relations with third countries. 

This extensive network allows you to send shipments to a large geographic area. Moreover, our well-versed customs experts will provide you with excellent results.

Customs clearance refers to the systematic fulfillment of the formalities that originate as a result of the shipment of goods and vehicles on international lines across the customs border of a particular country. 

Payment of customs duties is an essential part of customs clearance.  It is a paramount aspect of shipment, without which the release of goods is not possible.

CF&S Estonia AS has specially framed its customs agency services. We designed our services to maximize your convenience and simplicity. CF&S’s comprehensive customs service allows you to benefit from several amenities:

  • Proper clearance of customs for importing goods into Estonia.
  • Comprehensive support by the company’s representatives at the customs. 

You’ll have peace of mind when you let CF&S’s experts handle all your customs clearance needs. 

Also, CF&S Estonia AS provides you with a seamless administrative process. We do that by giving you easy access to all customs clearance in one location. 

As an Authorized Economic Operator (AEO), CF&S Estonia AS expedites the flow of your goods at ports. You will enjoy fewer delays and enhanced security. That means that shipping with CF&S Estonia AS can save you time and reduce your risk. 

Furthermore, we will maintain frequent and open communications with you. This helps to ensure you enjoy comprehensive customer service and support.

Our team’s experience and expertise will ensure your time with CF&S Estonia AS is rewarding and profitable. 

Your needs are CF&S’s priority.

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Debby Roi
department manager
Debby Roi

What is the role of customs controls?

Customs control monitors the movement of goods across states in three separate steps:

  • Customs Declarations: It is obligatory to declare the goods you want to transport and their origin.
  • Inspection of goods: The concerns the authority of customs agents to verify the declaration of goods.
  • Final verification: The procedure checks for trade compliance and payment of customs duties.

What does international customs?

International customs play a paramount role in the regulating and inspecting shipments. Customs verifies the shipment was a legal action consistent with the countries’ rules. 

These also ensure whether the exchange of goods complies with duty and tax rules and other relevant requirements of the country.

Do you offer customs management?

Yes, you will receive all sorts of customs services from the simplest to the most difficult. We do this to prevent any complications, ensuring a productive and beneficial experience.

What do you mean by completed customs clearance?

It means customs officials have processed all documents, and the cargo can leave the port.

How many types of customs control are there?

  • Land customs: You can find land customs on the borders between countries. At these locations, officials verify goods listed on the records reflect those you are transporting. The goods are usually heavy, high-valued, or those that require rapid discharge.
  • Air customs: You can find air customs at international airports. Here customs authorities keep track of exporting and importing goods.
  • Maritime customs: This concerns ocean shipping of inbound and outbound cargo between countries. The goods are usually oversized and overweight. Customs officials check customs documents and regulate the flow of goods.
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