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High & Heavy Transport

“High & Heavy” refers to especially large, heavy, and high-value goods transported on national and international lines. High & Heavy goods require professional and special preparation before transportation.

High & Heavy cargo cannot fit in standard containers. Thus, it requires special handling and a survey of the entire shipping process.

For transportation of these kinds of goods, you will receive equally effective services. As a result, you’ll get a responsive, beneficial, and profitable service.

You can carry out transportation using CF&S Estonia AS’s widespread intermodal network. We transport cargo across the globe. Moreover, you will benefit from a variety of logistic solutions for your cargo. Our team will give you a hassle-free experience with CF&S Estonia by customizing our solutions to your needs.

Our worldwide reliable agent network allows us to arrange shipments from door-to-door anywhere you want. 

CF&S Estonia prepares special cargo-securing schemes, along with acquiring permits for deliveries. This means you can deliver special high-weight or oversized shipments because we use suitable ships, trucks, and railway rolling stock.

Furthermore, CF&S Estonia will provide you with the most flexible High & Heavy transportation solutions. Our team will provide you with comprehensive guidelines for your queries. Our passion and experience will make your time worthwhile and productive.

At CF&S Estonia, you get the full package. We bundle our High & Heavy transportation services for your convenience. We provide real-time information on all your shipments. You’re in control of the entire transportation process.

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Sinisha Nedic
sales manager, project cargo, managing of rolling-stock
Sinisha  Nedic
Martin Truija
shiploads forwarder
Martin Truija

How do I begin with the High & Heavy process?

You will need to provide details about route, package details (dimensions and weight).

How do I pack overweight cargo?

CF&S Estonia AS ensures proper safety for your goods, from the time of receipt to the time of delivery. We achieve that by employing cargo protection standards. Hence, we recommend packing overweight goods in strong, well-built boxes.

How do I know whether my cargo classifies as high and heavy?

Cargo which does not fit into standard transportation units (standard containers, wagons and trucks)

Can I track my shipment?

At CF&S Estonia AS, we understand your information needs. That’s why we offer advanced shipment tracking to help you locate your shipment -anytime you want.

What is the cost of shipping high and heavy goods?

CF&S Estonia AS follows a standard procedure in this regard. First, we need to receive cargo details (dimensions and weight). Then, we calculate the most cost-effective transportation mode and route and offer the rate. For all further queries, you may contact us at our office or email us at

How long can it take for my goods to ship from a port?

At CF&S Estonia AS we value your time as much as you do. We consider your route and cargo’s details to offer you the fastest and most cost-effective solution.

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