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Ship´s Agency

CF&S Estonia AS provides ship agency services in the ports of the Republic of Estonia.  We serve all available ship types: dry cargo ships, warships, cruise and passenger ships, tankers, tugboats/barges, yachts, ro-ro ships, special purpose ships, and liners.

CF&S Estonia AS is the representative of the Multiport Agency Network, a global network of agency companies, in Estonia. We are authorized agents of Viking Line, Mannlines and Baltic Line routes in Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. Our 25-years of work experience and results-oriented team ensures the client’s satisfaction with our positive cooperation and reliable results.

Our services:

  • Preparation of the port budget for the shipowner or their representative.
  • Booking a berth.
  • Ordering a pilot and, if necessary, tugboat.
  • Organisation of customs and border crossing procedures related to the arrival/departure of the vessel.
  • Immediate and continuous sharing of information related to the loading/unloading of the ship with the involved parties.
  • Formation of cargo documents.
  • Organization for change of crew of the ship in the port and on the road, which includes both land and sea transport and, if necessary, accommodation.
  • Organization of medical care for crew members.
  • Organization of the equipping of the ship with both provisions and technical equipment in the port and on the road.
  • Organization of ship repair and services necessary for this purpose.

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What is the role of a shipping agent or a shipping agency?

A shipping agent/agency processes all transactions in all concerned ports or docks.

What does a shipping agent or agency do?

A shipping agency or shipping agent is the designated person or agency held responsible for handling shipments and cargo, and the general interests of its customers, at ports and harbors worldwide, on behalf of ship owners, managers, and charterers. As your shipping agent, CF&S Estonia AS acquires local currencies, receives mail, and supplies mechanics. We also fulfill provisions of food, water, and many others.

Where are your ports located in the county?

We offer excellent access to our customers in our country. We have offices in all significant Estonian Ports: Tallinn, Kunda, Pärnu, and Paldiski. In this way, we can minimize time needed for fulfilling clients’ requests. 

Are we required to order pilotage in your area?

Yes, you must order pilotage. 

To learn more about pilotage service please visit Eesti Loots AS website.

What does a liner agent or agency do?

Liner agencies handle sales and marketing of shipments, provide extra essential services and that includes vessel operations, reporting to local government and port authorities, crew transfer, and container tracking. Moreover, liner agents also secure bookings of shipping space from shippers.

What is the difference between a shipping agent and a freight forwarder?

Usually, a freight forwarder provides services that a shipping agent cannot. A shipping agent is only concerned with the operational shipping of cargo. Operational shipping begins at the time of consolidation and ends with deconsolidation. A freight forwarder, meanwhile, oversees the entire shipping operation from door-to-door.

What is the role of the Clearing and the Forwarding agent?

Clearing and the Forwarding Agents act as a link between the one who owns the goods and owns the transport means They ensure properly-managed cargo movement to the buyers by providing the completion of several vital procedures and documentation processes.

What differentiates a carrier from the freight forwarder?

Carriers hold the responsibility for the transportation of goods from the loading port to the discharging port, with a chartered vessel or one of their own. On the other hand, a freight forwarder carries the responsibility to sign the carriage contract and then scout for an actual carrier in the market.

What is an agency fee?

The fee is fixed at a specific rate by the customs, official tariff, or dialogue between the two concerned sides in shipping, which is paid to the ship’s agent.

What are the different types of shipping agent?

There are three distinct types of shipping agents:

  • Liner agent

Operating primarily in the liner and break bulk trades, the cargo (or liner) agent is responsible for securing cargo for the line or ship operator. This requires the agent to be in regular contact with local shippers and be ready to provide information on vessel schedules, competitive rates and conditions of carriage. The agent may also offer or provide inland transportation, customs clearance and other related services.

  • Port agent

Is responsible for organizing, overseeing and coordinating all aspects of the port call, from booking berth allocations and services ahead of the vessel’s arrival to finalizing the accounts and other paperwork after the vessel has sailed. Legally, the agent always represents his principal – a Shipowner, however, in real life agents are nominated either by Shipowner or Charterer. The latter expect a ship agent to protect his commercial interest. Another reason could be the need to protect Charterer’s trade secrets.

  • Protecting agent

The agent who is nominated by a Charterer has to ensure there is no conflict of interest and, if there is an area of possible dispute between Charterer and Shipowner, that the agent maintains a completely even-handed approach. However, in some cases, a Shipowner is not satisfied with agent’s performance of his duties. In this situation the Shipowner is left with having to appoint a protecting agent who shall be looking after the Shipowner’s interest.

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