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Warehousing & Distribution

Since 2001, CF&S Estonia has been providing storage and warehousing services.We have invested in our own warehouse management software to optimize workflows and meet the growing demands of retail, manufacturing, and e-commerce order handling.

Our full-service solutions cover all activities from receiving goods to handling returns. A good partnership is the key to success, and that’s why we find the right services to meet our customers’ requirements.

With full-service solutions, both e-commerce shop owners and b2b businesses can leave the handling activities to us. We carry out the bundling, gluing, packaging, and dispatch of the goods to the final customer. With our services, you can work from any corner of the world – all you need is a high-speed internet connection. CF&S ensures fully automatic remote management of deliveries, orders, and returns, with electronic interfacing. There is also the option of using standard transport or, in the case of e-commerce, common courier services.

We’re big enough to get the job done, but small enough to care deeply about our customers.

In our warehouse we offer the following warehousing services:

  • We offer customs and warehousing services, including customs terminal services and customs warehouse services;
  • Warehousing for both small and large goods;
  • Handling and packing of small and large goods;
  • Product repackaging, labeling, and other value adding procedures.
  • Transport of consignments to the consignee.           
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Ahti Sõõrde
warehouse manager
Ahti Sõõrde
Allan Epner
logistics and distribution manager
Allan Epner
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