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Warehousing & distribution

CF&S Estonia stores a variety of goods and merchandise. Warehoused items include dry storage as well as cold storage goods and merchandise. When you store your goods with CF&S your goods are safe and secure from any risks. Just as important, your goods are ready and available when you need them. 

CF&S operates a warehouse complex in Tallinn, in a logistically ideal location – just outside Tallinn city limits, close to the Peterburi maantee (National road T1) and Tallinna ringtee (National road T11).

In the warehouse, with approximately 14,000 sqm and 25 loading ramps, we can offer our clients and partners even better and more flexible service.

The warehouse complex consists of

  • A-class heated warehouse
  • Secured closed area 
  • Customs bonded terminal and warehouse

In addition to the standard warehouse services, we provide:

  • Handling and storage of goods
  • Monitoring the condition of incoming products
  • Pick and pack services
  • Value added services (labeling, repacking, etc.)
  • Customs agency services
  • Daily distribution in Estonia, the Baltic States, and Finland

Constant research and innovative thinking ensure our competitiveness and customer-centered approach.


Ahti Sõõrde
warehouse manager
Ahti Sõõrde
Allan Epner
logistics and distribution manager
Allan Epner
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