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Road Transport

CF&S Germany GmbH’s main road transport routes cover a vast area: mainland Europe, UK, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, Russia, Central Asia, and the CIS countries. That is why CF&S Germany GmbH is your best option when it comes to moving your goods via road freight. 

CF&S can transport anything you want to your desired destination. With a fleet of 100+ trailers in the group, CF&S Germany GmbH can give you the best and affordable service.

There are two possible ways to transport goods by road transport: LTL and FTL transport modes.

  • Less than truckload shipping (LTL) refers to the transportation of relatively small freight. LTL has numerous benefits. First, it is entirely secure and trackable. Second, it has reasonable costs and extensive service options.
  • Full truckload shipping (FTL) is most appropriate for larger shipments. 

Besides, the extensive range of services includes Break Bulk, Reefer, OOG, etc. cargoes. Operating with our own TMS (transport management system) we integrate partners and customers. This enables smooth processes and efficient handling.

Our vast network of partners in Europe are among our most valuable assets. The wide network allows us to execute precisely, thereby ensuring your satisfaction. CF&S Germany GmbH aims to keep you happy.

Furthermore, we work with our rail, sea, and air freight teams multiplying your options. That broadens our scope, which allows us to offer you combined transport options.

By mixing transport options, we give you greater flexibility. It also helps enhance reliability with improved on-time delivery. You will enjoy enhanced performance, greater convenience, and optimized costs.


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