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Ship´s Agency

To serve a wide range of customers, CF&S Lithuania provides services for a wide variety of vessels. These include dry cargo vessels, navy ships, cruise and passenger ships, small river vessels, tankers, yachts, Ro-Ro vessels, as well as liner agent services.

CF&S makes an extensive coverage of ports possible by serving all the ports in the Baltics. In doing so, we can meet all your requirements in a streamlined and efficient manner. We simplify your shipping process while offering you a comprehensive and reliable service.

A shipping agency or a shipping agent performs an essential job in executing maritime transport. It refers to a particular agency or individual responsible for handling goods at the port. In addition, this designated post also requires keeping in line with the customer’s general interests on behalf of ship owners, managers, and charterers, together with a seamless customer experience.

Moreover, the shipping agent is also responsible for thoroughly clearing vessels and covering all the necessary documentation, as well as questions regarding vessels’ turnaround. This helps eliminate the likelihood of any difficulty for the customer when it comes to the shipment of goods.

We have a dedicated team with more than a decade of experience in logistics. They strive daily to meet your needs and provide you with a pleasant experience.

CF&S Lithuania provides you with a one-stop shop for all your maritime services. When you partner with us, you can expect comprehensive, exceptional, and affordable maritime services. That’s what makes CF&S your ultimate partner for maritime shipping.


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Agency CF&S Lithuania UAB
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