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High & Heavy Transport

CF&S specialises in the transporting of exceptional cargo by sea, road, and rail to/from Poland, the Baltic States, Russia, Finland, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Belorussia, Ukraine, and other countries.

As a member of several chains of international freight forwarders associations specializing in special transport, CF&S is capable of arranging special transport practically anywhere in the world.

We prepare and authorise special cargo-securing schemes and permits for road and rail inland deliveries.

Our years of experience working on large-scale projects enable us to provide complete logistics solutions and to bring a variety of projects to successful completion. For road deliveries we use a large fleet of special transport semi-trailers.

CF&S can execute any large-scale project, including the transporting of:

Agricultural and forestry machinery
Construction equipment
Mining machinery
Generators and engines
Commercial and heavy vehicles
Wind converters
Boats and yachts
Large boilers



Arkadiusz Barta
managing director
Arkadiusz  Barta
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