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Multimodal Transport

By using an efficient combination of rail, motor, sea, and air transport we manage to provide our Clients with optimal deadlines and carriage costs. Moreover, multimodal transportation allows us to get access to any remote and arduous point of the world. Our company has a very big experience in multimodal cargo transportation, which is why this business area is one of the most important, averaging for more than 50% of all the shipments performed by the Company.


As for the transportation of oversized and overweight cargoes, we can offer an integrated solution for any problematic cargo. Multimodal cargo transportation allows us to select the optimal way of delivery, reducing your transportation costs to a minimum. 

Providing high-quality services is based on the knowledge of domestic and international transportation markets, specific ports in the world, and contracts with various shipping lines, road, railway, and container transport companies, allowing us to perform the transportation with the combined types of transport on “Door-to-Door” terms.


We have succeeded to develop a number of logistic chains, aimed to optimize cargo delivery by using various kinds of transport. We are able to work out new options for delivering your cargo, furthermore, we can optimise already existing supply chains.


Rail China:

We can offer door-to-door China-Europe, Europe-China, for FCL & LCL.

Our FCL rail service coverage via PL & EU rail hubs concerns main neighbouring to Poland countries but also others.

Longer distances destinations can be optimised by our tailored made solution with reloading cargo from FCL to tilt trucks in Poland and deliver under bond to destination countries.

Competitive bonded LTL delivery service via rail hub Warsaw/Łódź

FCL & LCL onforwarding from PL as well as German rail hubs.

Attachment : leaflet Rail China


Sara Jędrasiewicz
sea & rail transport manager
Sara Jędrasiewicz


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