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Railway Transport

CF&S offers full freight forwarding services upon the arrangement of railway transport:

Railway transport from/to Poland as well as with focus to Eastern areas on the territories of Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and CIS Countries (including the transportation in Central Asia republics)

Transportation of heavyweight and oversized items on special 80’ rail platforms

Commercial lease of special-purpose railcars and containers

Loading operations in railway terminals and ports

Preparation of cargo documents

Preparation and arrangement of the transportation of project and oversize shipments

CF&S is mainly involved in the arrangement of transportation of the following products:

Containers (20’ and 40’ shippers own and railway containers)

Oversize and project shipments (equipment and machinery)

Timber products (saw logs and pulpwood, saw timber, plywood, hard- and chipboard)

Liquid fuels (gasoline, petroleum, oil products, etc.)

Building materials

Pulp and paper products




Sara Jędrasiewicz
sea & rail transport manager
Sara Jędrasiewicz
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