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Railway Transport

CF&S offers full freight forwarding services upon arrangement of railway transport.

The freight forwarding by rail offered by CF&S includes the following activities:

  • railway transport on the territories of Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Baltic States, China and CIS countries
  • commercial lease of special-purpose railcars and railway containers
  • commercial lease of railway platforms for oversized shipments
  • loading operations in railway terminals and ports
  • terminal handling of cargoes
  • preparation of cargo documents
  • preparation and arrangement of the transportation of project and oversize shipments on special 80´and 60´ rail plarforms

CF&S is mainly involved in arrangement of transportation of the following products:

  • oversize and project shipments (equipments and machinery)
  • containers (20ft and 40ft shippers own and railway containers)
  • timber products (sawlogs and pulpwood, saw timber, plywood, hard- and chipboard)
  • liquid fuels (gasoline, petroleum, oil products etc.)
  • alcohol
  • new and second-hand vehicles
  • building materials
  • pulp and paper products
  • foodstuff
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