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Short Sea Container Transport

We used to call it coastal shipping, but thanks to the rise of the container transport, we now prefer to use the term “Short Sea” to refer to the transport of goods by sea to neighboring countries. From the Netherlands we transport loads to and from the Baltic countries, Scandinavia, Finland, Iceland and Spain and Portugal. We mainly use 40 ft and 45 ft pallet wide and High Cube containers for this. You can load two Euro pallets in width in these containers.

The internal dimensions of our container are 13.5 m long, 2.44 m wide and 2.69 m high. Please note that the door of the container is somewhat lower and narrower, 2.42 m wide and 2.58 m high. For all options in the field of shortsea transport and our other options, please contact us.

This mode of transport helps us considerably reducing CO2 emission, helping to battle climate change.

We work according to the Dutch Forwarding Conditions (FENEX Conditions) You can download a copy of these conditions here.

Please contact us for more information! You can reach us by telephone or e-mail.


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