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March 2023

CF&S Group recently completed a unique logistics project that saw the transportation of 115 new wind turbines to the Baltic countries over the course of two years.

These parts are extremely valuable, with the value of one truck carrying the structures reaching up to EUR 1 million. Transporting such large and valuable parts requires extraordinary technical preparation, which is why we have been working hard over the last two years to ensure we can transport bigger and more powerful new models.

Andrej Katrecko, CEO of CF&S Lithuania, says this was a unique project in Lithuanian logistics: the wing length of the turbines is 70 meters, and the heaviest part weighs 95 tons. But using police escorts on closed roads at night allowed us to complete this project with minimal disruption to regular traffic.

We are proud to have been the main handler for energy equipment in Lithuania and to have transported the majority of approximately 400 wind turbines operating in the Baltics since 2001!

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