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Meet CF&S at the transport logistic exhibitions in Munich on May 9th-12th

Meet CF&S at the transport logistic exhibitions in Munich and learn more about our expertise to connect Europe and the Baltics as well as Europe to Central Asia.

The growing economies of the Central Asian countries require new and reliable logistics connections to and from those markets.

With our own trucks, vessels, and port operations within the Baltic Maritime Logistics Group, we have immediate access to capacities and services. With unparalleled connections from Europe, we have various routes to Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and other Central Asia countries. We also use our own railway platforms, granting capacities and reliable transportation for cargo of all sizes.

We connect Europe to Central Asia.

Meet us at stand B4-205 on May 9th-12th, and we will gladly discuss your projects, whatever their size, from small LTL to High and Heavy.

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