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CF&S Rolling Stock

80’ railway platforms of model 23-469-07

60’ railway platforms of model 13-935A-04

  • platforms of 24- and 18.4 meters long are equipped with a wooden floor, and are intended to carry wheeled/crawler machinery, heavy-weight containers, long-length and oversized cargo by rail

closed wagons/boxcars model 11-7038 and 11-2135-01

  • the boxcar is intended for the transportation of goods within the railway network of Ukraine, the CIS, and the Baltic states
  • the boxcar’s capacity is up to 25% more volume than the standard wagon (150 m³)
  • it is also possible to transport motor cars and minibuses with a height not greater than 2.7 m
  • the boxcar is more practical for the transportation of light and volume goods
  • in addition to Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian railways, all wagons have a permit to operate on Finnish, CIS countries, and Central Asian railways;
  • all wagons can be rented on a daily/monthly basis or given into short-term usage on a single route (technical trip)


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