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Air Transport

Over the years, air transportation has emerged as a key mode of transporting cargo. CF&S Estonia AS offers a full range of air cargo services, including dedicated charter flights, to ensure your convenience in one package. 

We also guarantee timely deliveries, no matter the distance, as well as an onboard courier.

As a cargo sales agent, CF&S Estonia cooperates with:

  • All airlines at Tallinn Airport 
  • Major airlines from European hubs

Our partner network extends to more than 170 countries, with over 1,500 destinations. There is no destination we cannot help you with. This gives you the extra assurance of transporting your cargo anywhere in the world. With CF&S Estonia AS handling your air freight, you won’t experience any complications.

It is our priority to support all industries when it comes to air transport, be it the automotive industry, consumer, energy, engineering & manufacturing, public, retail, healthcare, technology, life sciences, or the chemical sector.

We also have long-term experience in the moving of dangerous goods, perishables, oversized cargo, time and temperature-sensitive cargo, agricultural equipment, and more.


Andre Loiv
air transport manager
Andre  Loiv


What documents are related with air transport?

When moving goods with airfreight you may come across the following documents: Certificate of Origin, Master airwaybill, House airway bill, Dangerous Goods Declaration Manifest, Export Packing List, Commercial invoice, Export, Transit and Import declaration, ATR certificate etc.

What kind of goods are restricted or prohibited for air transport?

Some of the goods are restricted & prohibited for air transport, however most of them are still possible to transport by following certain procedures. For example, dangerous goods need appropriate packaging, documentation and labeling but by following rules and limitations set out by IATA DGR we can still move the cargo safely. 

Some examples of restricted and prohibited goods: human or animal remains or ashes, aerosols, firearms and ammunition, dry ice, life jackets, lithium batteries, alcoholic beverages, animals, tobacco, furs, fine art, perishables, pharmaceuticals etc.

The list is not exhaustive, for more information please contact our Air Transport Department.

What are the air freight prices and shipping costs?

When it comes to air freight shipping, volume and weight play a decisive role here. Airlines charge by chargeable weight which is either dimensions weight or actual weight, whichever is higher.

In airfreight the chargeable weight equals 1 m3 = 167 kg.

Depending on the shipping incoterms there might be a lot of additional factors contributing to the main air freight rate. In some cases, there might be quite a few components like fuel surcharge, security surcharge, customs brokerage, pick-up and delivery fee, terminal handling, documentation, dangerous goods surcharge, storage, airport transfers, EDI, etc.

When should I prefer air transportation?

Air transportation is the fastest and most reliable mode of transportation. Air freight is also one of the most secure ways to move your cargo. As an example, it is the best way to move perishables from one continent to another.

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