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Road Transport

BAF (Bunker Adjustment Fee) in July 2024 is 11,0 %

CF&S Estonia offers a full package of road transport services that can meet all your needs. We can also tailor offers to ensure you get the best possible service.

CF&S Estonia’s main road transport routes cover Europe, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the Baltic States, and Central Asia. The fleet of 100 trailers allows us to offer fast, and flexible road transport.

In the case of road transport, there are two options: less than truckload  (LTL) and full truckload (FTL).

  • LTL transport is used when the quantity of goods transported is relatively small. If the quantities of goods are smaller and do not require special handling or ultra-fast delivery, then LTL transport is the best option.  LTL transport is a scheduled and reasonably priced transport solution.
  • FTL are best suited for large shipments. FTL transportation requires you to fill the entire vehicle with your goods. The advantage of FTL is a shorter delivery time, but the price of a full load must be paid.

When it comes to road transport, we work with our rail, sea, and air transport teams.  By combining different modes of transport, we increase the flexibility of the service offered.  Multimodal transport increases our flexibility to offer you the best transport solutions.

In addition to the above, CF&S Estonia also offers value-added services.

  • Transportation of frozen, dangerous, and oversized goods
  • Customs clearance and insurance of cargo
  • Cargo tracking and online booking

To get a quote, fill in the price inquiry form on the website or send an inquiry to


Urmas Uudmäe
CF&S Group road transport department manager
Urmas Uudmäe
Villem Vahter
operational manager
Villem Vahter

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What does LTL mean in Road transport?

LTL/Less than Truckload Shipping is a freight mode for more extensive parcel shipments or small packages short of the space available in a full truckload shipment.

What does FTL mean in Road transport?

FTL or Full Truckload Load shipping is where the products fill a full truckload. FTL also applies if you prefer a dedicated truck for their products or demand extra care.

What kind of import documents does LTL/FTL require?

In the EU, you do not require documentation for either LTL or FTL methods. The booking would be sufficient.

What transport companies are you working with?

CF&S ESTONIA AS collaborates with several companies spread all over Europe. This enables better management of your products with enhanced tracking.

Do you have your fleet?

As a logistics company, we have our own fleet of trailers available for road transport.

Do you provide on-carriage, haulage, and documentation/customs services?

We provide you with customs clearance, transit declaration, and cargo insurance. This ensures your goods’ safe passage and the avoidance of any legal issues.

Is there real-time tracking for my cargo?

We provide a track ‘n trace solution so you always stay posted about the whereabouts of your goods.

What is a CMR document?

CMR is the standard contract of carriage for goods transported internationally by road.

According to the volume of the cargo, how many pallets can we fit into the standard tent?

It is not possible to calculate this way. We can calculate the optimal solution once we know the exact size of the pallets.

How is my cargo transported?

CF&S Estonia AS can transport your cargo by rail, road, water, air or some combination thereof. Which transport mean(s) we choose depends on your cargo’s destination.

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